Implementation of the gender equality measures – for the advanced changes!!!

Project designed to implement the National Programme on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men for the period 2015-2021 dedicated to develop a gender equality

The main coordinator of the project: Lithuanian women’s lobby organization

Funding agency: The Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania

Project implementation:  February – December 2020

The project supports four objectives of the National Program

  • To reduce differences in pay for women and men
  • To promote of females’ motivation and capacities in decision-making, creation of female career friendly environment
  • To enhance the competences of gender aspect integration for civil servants and employees working under employment agreements, law enforcement officers, journalist and other employees
  • To help municipalities with actions aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for women and men.

Aims of the project

  • To prepare the procedure and criteria for selecting the Most Equal Employment and to organise selection of the Most Equal Employment
  • To prepare training on gender equality planning at work for private and public employers
  • To organise educational on events work-life balance for companies
  • To involve men in gender equality
  • To develop a database of good practice examples of Lithuanian gender aspect integration and to keep it updated on a regular basis
  • To prepare regulations of a contest aimed at awarding the best gender equality measures planned and implemented in the strategic action and development plans of municipalities. To organise annual awards and to publicise them.