Kaunas district women’s physical activity promotion model – for the development of women’s sports in Lithuania

2019 – 2022

Financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


Lithuanian Women's Sports Association


  • Lithuanian women’s lobby organization
  • Kaunas district third age university

The project seeks to increase the conscious involvement of girls and women in the Kaunas district in regular physical activity and sports activities during 2019-2022.

During the project, special attention is paid to the promotion of physical activity of women of various age groups – girls, women and seniors, in response to research findings that women’s physical activity in Lithuania is insufficient.

Project aims

  1. To motivate Kaunas district girls, women and seniors to participate in physical activities.
  2. To organize physical activities with educational elements for girls, women and seniors of Kaunas district.
  3. To strengthen the awareness of women in the Kaunas district about the benefits of physical activity.
  4. To organize and conduct sports events aimed at promoting physical activity and equal opportunities for women in sports and other fields.

In order to achieve the project’s aims the following activities are foreseen within the project:

  • educational sports events;
  • a regular physical activity program with educational elements for girls, women and seniors;
  • justifying the benefits of the regular physical activities by measuring health-relevant indicators before and after a regular training cycle;
  • periodical family and community physical-educational activities on weekends;
  • lectures and dialogue groups on physical activity;
  • developing, publishing and widely discussing the digital success stories of physically active women;
  • performances with educational elements in public spaces in order to raise awareness on gender equality in sport and other spheres.

The project is implemented in the Kaunas district for 3 years. Target groups – girls from 12 years of age, women and seniors. 360 participants take part in the regular activities of the project, every year 120 girls and women from Kaunas district.

It is expected that due to participation in the project’s regular physical activities, at least 80 %. participants will improve their physical and mental health. 70 % of participants will be willing to continue physical activities independently or in sports clubs.

During the project, a model for encouraging women to participate in regular physical activities is developed and tested in the Kaunas district. The implemented model by applying it for girls and women in the Kaunas district for three years will be improved on the basis of regular monitoring and evaluation of its implementation and will be presented as an example for Lithuania.