“Who if not us? When, if not now?„

2015 December 04 at the Parliament of Lithuania, the parliamentary group of women together with Kaunas Women’s Busyness Information Centre organized the conference “Who if not us? When, if not now? ” Women politicians shared their experiences and discussed the role of women in society.

The conference began with greeting words of Loreta Graužinienė Chairman of the Parlamnet. “For the second term we have a woman president, not the first term, when the Chairman of the Parliament , as well is women. Intuitively I feel that the men are tired of women in charge and they would like to stop that. We need to raise a young women leader generation . The younger generation of girls leadership is much stronger than the guys. Women are capable and deserve to deal with important issues in our country “, – said the Chairman of the Parlamnet.

“It’s really sad fact,that when the elections time comes , the women votes for a men.” – said L.Graužinienė and added that it is necessary to encourage active women and convey them, that only through women solidarity they can expect adequate representation.
Senior Analyst of the European Institute for Gender Equality Dr. Jolanta Reigardė talked about women in decision making at European Union level.

After the break, the question of the existence of female solidarity asked the Women’s Parliamentary Group Chair Prof. Marija Aušrnė Povilionienė. The politician thinks that – ” Male politicians shouldn’t be angry about female ambition of solidarity , for thousands of years women were considered to be worse than men, so it’s time for equality. ”

Member or Parliament , Dalia Kuodytė said that women are afraid to express their opinions, avoiding to sound less intelligent and insightful, meanwhile men are talking nonsense and totally ignore that. Women of the Parliament lacks unity, men’s voices are more likely to be heard, said Members of Parliament , who succeeded to reach that their voices have been heard.

After the lunch Equal Opportunities expert Dr. Margarita Jankauskaitė, talked about the neo-liberal turn of politics and it‘s consequences for women’s representation.

Tips on political contacts with the media shared Valdas Dambrava, LKGT adviser for public relations. The conference ended LWLO(Lithuanian Women’s Lobby organisation) Chair Jurate Puidienė, she talked about Lithuanian Women’s Lobby members strategy for Parliamentary elections.

During the conference, participants have a variety of good ideas how to encourage women to be more active and fight for the equal rights. One of these ideas was March 8- th gait in busiest street of the city Vilnius, in which women are invited to take part in fight for equal rights.